A Senior Year Heartache

Class of 2021 last semester in high school

February 1, 2021

As SDHS wraps up its first online semester many seniors are beginning to realize that they’ve lost their most coveted year of high school. “I can’t really describe how it feels this entire year has been a blur and school hasn’t really gotten any better since. I miss so much of the normal everyday experiences we would have with people,” says senior Carlos Martinez. 

Although the school has shut down many students are still staying active and figuring out ways to stay busy. Many seniors at SDHS still practice their favorite sports, others have picked up part-time jobs, and many are still at home waiting until the pandemic is under control. Martinez says, “The pandemic hasn’t stopped me from figuring out ways to stay busy other than working at Hollister and working out a bunch I’ve figured out that as long as I have something to do I can make the time go by. Plus schools have been a breeze but I really miss it when you look back at all the memories you’ve made.”

On top of losing the last year of school students have to now begin to figure out the next chapters of their life. As SDHS seniors begin the last steps towards graduation many are starting new chapters of their life applying to school, joining the armed forces, or forging their own path. “I can’t believe what my senior year has come to. Nobody could have ever believed that we’d be in this mess in the first place we all had so many dreams and ideas of what senior year would be like and instead it’s turned into a screen and my bedroom.”- said senior Jerry Padilla.

“I miss how this is our last year of not being an official adult, to not have official responsibilities, the memories we could’ve made it’s just saddening to me,” senior Eris Guttierez adds. 

“What are the odds, really think about it. Everyone felt bad for the class of 2020 but nobody thought about the real loss our class has felt. Our last year taken and put on zoom I actually really hoped that our class would have one last rager at prom or enjoy one last football or basketball game,” senior Joanna Albalouh says.


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