Coyotes in San Dimas

Residents are encountering coyotes in their own backyards

February 1, 2021

In San Dimas, there have always been sightings of coyotes throughout the town but recently there have been some more up-close encounters. Coyotes are known to stay away from people, and to go for rodents or small pets. There is a very small chance that a coyote would attack someone. Reports of coyotes doing this are very rare.   

Coyotes are usually frightened by humans and stay away but when humans start to feed them they get more comfortable and come around more. This has been a problem in San Dimas, “There are a lot of coyotes in my neighborhood and I have had two dogs attacked. One time my dog Sassy got out and a coyote attacked her. Then on Christmas afternoon, our dogs were outside in the backyard and my brother saw a coyote with our small dog Jeter and chased him away thankfully our dog was fine.” San Dimas resident Madison Bulick says that some people in the neighborhood are feeding the coyotes and that they should stop.

Another San Dimas resident Michael McKelvy has had many sightings of coyotes on his street. A couple of houses down from his there is an unoccupied house with a broken board in their fence and residents have seen coyotes go back there and seemed to believed coyotes were nesting back there. Currently, no one has seen any coyotes go back there recently but they may be back because they have left and appeared again before. McKelvy’s next-door neighbor did catch on video from his security cameras a coyote walking along the top of his backyard wall and sent it to McKelvy.

When I saw that video and showed my family it scared and worried us because we have some little dogs and the coyotes could easily get into our backyard.”

— Micheal McKelvy


On the City of San Dimas website they have a page related to coyote management and how residents should go about dealing with the coyotes if they’re having problems. If residents want to report a sighting they advise to call Coyote Cacher which is part of a research project with the University of California Cooperative Extension and its goal is to collect more information on coyote encounters in California. Human safety is the main priority but coyotes do serve an important role in the environment and they can’t be relocated so if they are caught they have to be euthanized. That’s why the city encourages people to not feed them and let them fulfill their role by keeping the rodent population under control. 


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