Humans of SD – Francine Burelle


“My story starts with my grandson, Blaine. Blaine loves bugs of any kind.  He came to my house to help with our yard.  He was searching for other things to do because he does not like to sit still..he needs to be busy exploring life all of the time. In my garden, I came upon what I thought was a worm. I knew Blaine would be interested in the little creature. I found Blaine and gave it to him and we figured out it was a caterpillar. With hope in his voice, Blaine asked, ‘Can I take him home with me?’ Of course, I said ‘Sure you can!’  The next day Blaine called unable to contain his excitement.  He told me, ‘Grandma, now I have a cocoon!  I checked my computer and it says that in nine to fourteen days, I will have a butterfly!’ I was so excited that my precious grandson was going to see this wonderful event and also that he was able to exercise great patience to wait nine days.” – Frances Burelle