Trendy Teens

Do teens actually like what's trending or are they just trying to fit in?

March 1, 2021

Do teens feel the need to follow all the latest trends? It seems that with social media being everywhere what comes with that is trends. Trends are put in people’s faces every day while scrolling especially clothing trends. Teens seem to be really good at keeping up with them but they are always changing and sometimes they aren’t the most budget-friendly.  

Yes, with certain trends I do feel the need to follow them but not all of them”

— Miranda Perez

Teens may feel pressured to follow the trends because they don’t want to feel left out or want to keep up with their friends. “Yes, with certain trends I do feel the need to follow them but not all of them” Senior, Miranda Perez. It seems that there is a mix between feeling the need to follow trends and also actually enjoying the trends.

“When I see others buy trending clothing it doesn’t make me feel that I need to buy it, it usually just gives me a sense if I like that type of clothing and if I think it would look good on me and it gives me a chance to see it on someone else. If I think it would fit for me then I most likely will buy it” says senior, Alexis Garcia. Many teens are following trends and then finding that a certain style suits them and make it their own. If people are following trends just to follow trends and fit in then that may be harmful but if they follow a trend because they actually enjoy it they can find some individuality and add some of their personality to it.

With following these trends comes what happens after they start to fall out of popularity. The question is do teens continue to wear the clothes or just move on to the next trend because trends come and go pretty quick. “I only spend my money on clothes but I wouldn’t say they’re all for trends because I like a lot of different aesthetics and I still wear mostly all my clothes that were trendy at a time except for my skinny jeans,” says Makayla Falter. “I don’t change my style a lot and I save money by buying clothes from resellers or thrift stores.”

Thrifting has always been around but more teens are starting to do it to save money and find some pieces that not everyone may have. Also, many are using sites like Depop and Poshmark to sell clothes they don’t wear anymore and make some extra cash.

Trends are also recycled overtime throughout generations. Some trends that have come back are scrunchies, flare jeans, silk scarves, and mom jeans. We’ve seen trends come and go and come back again so what’s new and trending now will probably be back at some point in the future. Teens shouldn’t feel the need to follow every trend and just wear what makes them happy even if it’s not necessarily “trending”.


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