Humans Of SD – Nathan Ruiz


“Ok, there was this one time when I was at a pool party for my elementary school I was in probably third or second grade. The thing is when I was at the party I didn’t really know how to swim that well so everyone was doing their thing and eating waiting for the pizza to come that they had ordered. I happened to be with my cousin Christain and my dad. I was on this pool noodle or some type o big inflatable that I was sitting on with all my body weight. While I was on the pool noodle everyone was minding their business and some guy out of nowhere did a cannonball into the pool which made me slip off my noodle somehow when that happened I ended up falling into the deep end and everyone was looking for me immediately. I saw my cousin and I tried so hard to get his attention he was watching me slowly drown eating some Doritos, he didn’t realize that I was drowning what ended up saving me was a big lady on a huge Walmart inflatable who just happened to see me at the bottom of the pool struggling. Long story short she saved my life. My dad didn’t even think that I had drowned and he told me that it is alright if I just walk it off. ” – Senior Nathan Ruiz