Valentines Day

Covid Edition

March 1, 2021

February 14th is the day of love to celebrate with family, friends, and your significant other. This year was definitely different for many of us limiting the number of places we are allowed to go to celebrate this Valentine’s. 

There are still many ways to celebrate Valentine with staying safe. With many restrictions and outside dining opening back up and can be difficult to really find ideas of how to safe during this time. San Dimas students find many ways to be able to go out and stay safe with the limited places to go to. 

Senior Kira Cervantes stated, “I spent Valentines in San Diego visiting my family with my two best friends Makayla and Bella. We got ready and got coffee and had a picnic at a park that overlooked all of San Diego. We ate Chinese food and chocolate-covered strawberries. Went home watched a movie and had a homemade dinner with my family.” Throughout, all the craziness and hectic times Covid has brought Cervantes was able to enjoy a nice Valentine’s day 

“We wore our masks and stayed outdoors and for dinner, we stayed home.””

— Kira Cervantes

Cervantes states, “We tried to social distance as much as we could especially since we were in a different city. We wore our masks and stayed outdoors and for dinner, we stayed home.” With still having a good time Cervantes still took into consideration taking on Covid precautions but was still able to enjoy the day with those she loved most. 

Another Senior Vallery Ayala stated how her Valentine’s was spent, “It was good I had a picnic and had a good time, I went to a park and wore masks majority of the time. I was still able to spend time with people and enjoy valentines”. 

Although Covid has limited a lot of the activities were able to do many students were still able to make it memorable. Valentines was spent in different ways this year because of the limited places to go. Despite the limitations created by this unprecedented time, Saints were still able to make the most of their day while staying safe as well. 

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