Broken Hearts, Sharper Swords

San Dimas loses to rival Bonita at a sold-out Smudgepot game.

October 5, 2018

It’s just a preseason game, for us it’s pretty much nothing, but for Bonita, it was probably everything. ”

— Fadi Zaki

The night of Sept. 8, Covina District Field was overflowing with people of all ages ready to cheer on San Dimas at the annual Smudgepot game.

The first quarter was an upset for San Dimas, with the home team [Bonita] leading 7-0. During the second half, San Dimas caught up to the Bearcats, sending the crowd into halftime with a nail-biting score of 14-14.

The third quarter was rather intense, once again San Dimas caught up but lost their lead, the score was 21-14. The disappointment continued into the fourth quarter, with Bonita securing the win with a score of 28-14.  

Captain Andres Bernal and Senior Fadi Zaki were interviewed for The Saint Scroll to discuss the big game:

How do you feel after a difficult loss like this?

Bernal: It sucks, but there’s really nothing we can do about it now.

Zaki: I personally don’t think it was that big of a defeat, we played pretty well. It’s just the small mistakes that kind of got to us, but it still sucks to lose against Bonita.  

Do you feel like the team played their best at Smudge Pot?

Bernal: I think that we played well overall, but just the little mistakes added up, and we ended up playing ourselves a little bit.

Zaki: I agree with Bernal. The little mental mistakes kind of threw our game off.

What does the morning of a big game like this look like?

Bernal: It was different because we didn’t have school that day. Normally we go to school, then practice, but that Saturday was a lot different.

Were you nervous and did that affect the way you played your game?

Bernal: All week we were nervous, it’s all we focused on.

Zaki: I think like anyone, before a game, you’re nervous. Especially for a big game that’s hyped up all throughout the week. The nerves just fueled us to play stronger.

How did the coaches motivate you for the game?

Zaki: The coaches are always pushing us in practices. They prepare us pretty well. They have us watch film, and have us learn their [Bonita’s] offense so we can make sure we’re strong defensively. They make sure we know who to block

What were the post-game conversations in the locker rooms like? What was discussed?

Bernal: We talked about how we just have to move on, this can’t define our season.

Zaki: It’s just a preseason game, for us it’s pretty much nothing, but for Bonita, it was probably everything. We just have to do better in league and look forward to it.

How do you predict league is going to go this year?

Bernal: Preseason games are shaping our team for league really.

Zaki: We’re a pretty solid team and we should do very well in league.

You played and won last year, but lost this year. Were there any tactical changes to the game this year? Did any players leaving last year affect the team?

Zaki: Our team is definitely ahead of where last year’s team was during this time. For the most part,  we are better than last year’s and I’m pretty sure we’re going to make it far this season.

Bernal and Zaki are confident that they will do well in league. Win or lose. Go Saints!  

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