Inside the San Dimas High School Class of 2021 Senior Committee

Concerned Parents Makes The Best of It

March 1, 2021

Although there has been a loss of connection between students due to not seeing each other there is still hope. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic in school learning has been banned. Students that would normally see each other every day no longer can and it is really taking a toll on their happiness and social skills. “It really sucks that I don’t get to see my friends this year and I don’t even get to go to school,” says senior Dylan Moore. 

There was also the loss of many fun and exciting activities and events that the seniors missed this year like dances. The entire high school experience has been ruined. Seniors feel like there hasn’t been a lot done for them. 

But there is a group of very caring and generous parents who noticed these feelings in their students and took action. They all banned together and formed a Facebook group with the purpose of organizing little covid safe and fun activities for the seniors. 

“I noticed that my student seemed a little down and like not a lot was being done for him so I took action along with some other parents,” says San Dimas High School parent Kristy Padilla. Taking action for the students has helped them reconnect, seeing their old friends has brought back good memories. 

“It was really cool seeing my friends again. We just picked up where we left off,” says senior Nico Lewis. The covid safe activities are very fun and involving for all the students that want to participate. All the students that have gone have had a great time and are happy after they leave. 

All events that are planned are all outdoors and it is mandatory for the students to wear a mask. The events that have taken place so far have been a donut day at the park and a senior hike. 

The donut day featured parents giving students whatever donuts they selected and beverages. This event was very special because it had been such a long time since the saints had seen each other. 

The other event that took place was a senior hike at a local San Dimas trail. This event promoted exercise, excitement, and adventure. It was also a time for the students to socialize and reconnect. 

An event taking place soon is “Pizza in the Park” these almost weekly events allow the students to see each other and reconnect, making up for the lost time due to the lack of school. 

“I felt really bad for my son. He loved going to school and hanging out with his friends,” says group administrator Brenda Geraci. She organized the group with many other concerned parents and created a Facebook group to make these events. 

I just want to do something special for them. I know it is a really hard time and I want them all to see that we acknowledge what they are going through and are doing the best we can to do special things for them”

— Brenda Geraci


The seniors are in good hands with these caring parents providing what they can to help. From all of SDHS and especially the seniors, thank you.


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