The Golden Globes of 2021: Who Got Snubbed this Year?

While there were rightfully earned spots in the Awards; there are some that were an unfortunate loss…


The Golden Globes is an opportunity for actors and actresses all around who have a chance on getting commemorated on their back-breaking hard work in their starred professions.

Whether this involves celebrities going completely into method and actually temporarily morph into their character they’re portraying on and off-screen, or going through extensive training in the process of bringing out the best of the characters themselves. Some also don’t involve getting prepared for action roles or the ‘Thriller” type of movies at all; sometimes the movies or shows with the best screenwriting or messages will snag a nomination in that realm.

Now, art and people’s favorite genres and types of movies and shows are never going to be completely 100% universal; so these may vary based on personal opinion but based on the majority who think of a certain show/movie getting what it truly deserved. These are shows and movies people feel got snubbed of a place in the Golden Globes of this year.

Firstly, there is Lovecraft Country, an adaptation of the novel by Matt Ruff, it goes down the passageways of history by referencing the Tulsa Massacre’s of 1921 and zooms towards the 1950’s Jim Crow Laws. This show represents many minorities the way that Hollywood has had problems with accuracy in its past along with serving the audience with amazing and dramatic performances from all of their leads. The anticipation of this show snagging nominations were at a high until news broke that it did not receive one at all.

Secondly, there is I May Destroy You starring Chewing Gum actress Michaela Coel; with its pristine writing and how it broke out of all the caricatures and typical tropes television shone out to people, it’s storylines that heavily deal with the #MeToo movement and the talks of consent and how it has gotten muddy throughout the years truly made it what people say it is, a snub. It also goes through societal norms and how forced conformity is problematic along with handling homophobia, racism, and sexism effortlessly.

Lastly there is BoJack Horseman, an adult cartoon in the sense while also not following down the satirical rabbit hole like other adult cartoons (or the majority). This show may seem just to be another one of those cartoons that gets created on a whim and misrepresents issues and or sugarcoat them with unnecessary jokes but it actually is not. With its actually funny comedic timing encasing the subtlety of issues without overdoing them and also accurately representing each one (SPOILERS: like it’s handling of the depression storyline and how anti-depressants alter the way you look figure wise…) it was a clear and cut snub that deserved better.

These snubs are definitely not jabs at those who rightfully earned their nominations; like Promising Young Women, Nomadland, Judas and the Black Messiah (Daniel Kaluuya’s win), The Queen’s Gambit, The Crown, and many more but there could have been more slots in there with the nominations in check, making the one’s that deserved it has a chance at being applauded at this year’s Awards.