Get to Know the New ASB Executive Board Members

"Meet and learn about the new ASB exec board members."

March 25, 2021

The time has come to introduce the new ASB executive board members. This upcoming year we will have Emily Winkelman as president, Dayla Welsh as vice-president, Sydney Tatevossian as secretary, and Abigail Ferguson as treasurer.

President Emily Winkelman has been in ASB for 4 years, held two commissioner positions, and on the exec board for two years, last year she was secretary. Treasurer Ferguson has been in ASB for two years, sophomore year as spirit commissioner, and junior year as rally commissioner. Secretay Tatevossian has been in ASB for the last two years as class secretary. Vice-President Welch has also been in ASB for two years as a historian.

What do you miss most about in-person campaigning?

Winkleman says “I loved getting the signatures, running up and being like hey vote for me for exec board.” Treasurer Ferguson said she misses campaigning face-to-face and feels a disconnect since the campaigning was done through social media. Secretary Tatevossian liked that the campaign week pushed them to talk to people they wouldn’t usually talk to, and get to know them.

Why did you choose to run for this position?

Winkelman said, “I had big dreams and aspirations as a freshman I always knew I wanted to run for president and it wasn’t a question.” Welch said, “I told myself I wanted to take the next leap and I wanted it to be big especially since it was going to be my last year at this school, so I knew vice-president was something I wanted to go for.” Ferguson said, “I jumped into it, it was kinda a wild impulsive decision, but it worked out in the end.” Tatevossian wanted to get more involved than she already was before.

What show are you watching?

Winkelman started watching Grey’s Anatomy. Welch is watching Vampire Diaries. Ferguson just finished The Bachelor and is waiting for the new The Bachelorette seasons to come out. Tatevossian is watching Criminal minds, The Haunting of Bly Manor, and just finished Anne with an E.

Do you have any pets?

Winkelman just got a puppy named Briar, has three cats, and two more dogs. Welch said, “I am currently in the sad state of zero pets going on to 17 years.” Ferguson has a small white dog, one bunny, and a pet snake. Tatevossian has a Doberman German Shepard mix dog.

Hobbies, or extracurriculars?

Winkelman media director in this year’s castle state board, link crew president, in the environmentalist club. Welch is link crew vice-president and is an upcoming YouTuber. Ferguson is in tennis, the best-buddies vice-president, is involved in SLED (she is one of the mentees), and a student through the University of Alabama early college along with being a part of the honors society club for the early college. Tatevossian does tennis, is in the environmentalist club, cooking club, girl scouts, and Armenian scouts.

What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Winkelman loves to journal, she keeps important dates, writes down her zoom meetings, and has a notebook section. Welch enjoys making Youtube videos and hiking, she said, “It opens all the happiness inside of me up, I just love it like nature and hearing the birds chirping.” Ferguson hangs out with her friends and loves riding her new Pelaton, she has a 29-week streak, but she said “other than that, I’m either sleeping or on TikTok.” Tatevossian said, “This is weird but I used to dislike reading, and haven’t picked up a book on my own free will since 5th grade, but this new year I have read 9 books.”

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