“San Dimas Day” Parade at LA County Fair

October 4, 2018

We’re supposed to look professional and look like we’re performers because we are.”

— Ivan Salcedo

Fun, smiles, and a sea of blue were at the LA County Fair on Sept. 7.  The San Dimas High School Band marched in the parade at the LA County fair for “San Dimas Day”.

Every year band members enjoy coming to this event to gain exposure for the band, show their professionalism, and of course to have fun at the fair afterward.

Senior Ivan Salcedo commented on his experience as a band member, “It’s pretty tiring, it’s hot but it’s just a fun experience, I always look forward to it.”

Over the years, the San Dimas Marching Band has executed high energy performances that provide much joy and excitement for the crowd attending the fair. This year, the march began at Expo 4 then traveled across the fairgrounds. By the end of the performance, the crowd was jumping with excitement.

After performing in the parade, the real fun began. The rest of the band and color guard members were allowed to go into the fair and celebrate. From here, everyone was able to finally let loose and enjoy themselves after a hard day’s work. “After the parade and everything, we get to go to the fair and we get to just have fun.” Salcedo comments.

Performing at the parade has become a tradition for our San Dimas Marching Band. The band is always excited to showcase the hard work they’ve put in.

The reaction from the crowd watching the parade is very rewarding. “The whole time when people are staring at you they’re like ‘wow they look so professional’”, Salcedo proudly states, “and it’s like yeah, that’s what we’re meant to be. We’re supposed to look professional and look like we’re performers because we are.”

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