The Saints College Decisions and Emotions

March 25, 2021

“Everything happens for a reason, and I will make the best out of my situation” ”

— Ali Yassine

As the school year slowly starts to close, the senior Saints are starting to hear back from colleges and universities! As always one of the biggest decisions in someones life is what their plan will be after high school. Some decide to take a gap year, and others the military. The most nerve-racking of all is finding out what college that they’ll be going to for the next four years, and if they’ll be accepted at all.

The most heart-crushing thing that can happen is put in all the effort possible into high school for four years and then make a beautiful application, just to be rejected. It all comes down to the admission board at the moment that the application crosses in front of them. All these hardworking Saints have done their best to represent themselves and take their shot at achieving greatness.

Regardless, here are some of the Senior Saints who have heard back have already been admitted and made a decision on whether or not they will be going. Senior Ryan Kim has already committed to CBU and here’s what he has to say in regards to his choice, “I am excited to be attending CBU in the fall, and its very exciting to be going on a baseball scholarship as well.” Kim has worked hard for the four years at San Dimas and his work as paid off as he will continue onto CBU playing baseball and getting an education as well.

Another senior, Ali Yassine, has decided that he will be attending Cal State Fullerton this fall in the hopes of completing his engineering degree. Although he wasn’t able to get into his first choice he still upholds a great attitude towards life. Yassine states, “I am glad to take the road laid out for me knowing that everything happens for a reason and that no matter where I go my personal attitude will define my experience and not my location.” The Saints attitude towards their future is exceptional and one of a kind. They will not be held down to the confinements of the unknown but instead persist through excited for the next chapter.

In addition to these Saints acceptance, there are many more who have not heard back and some who have decided to go another route into the next part of their life. Regardless, these saints work ethic and outstanding characters will get them very far in college and beyond. They have already accomplished so much, and will accomplish even more in the future!

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