Humans of SD – Hannah Butler


“Every year, my friends and family plan a big week-long river trip in Parker. Last year I stayed with one of my close friends since my family couldn’t make it. We woke up one morning and the water was really calm so we decided it was a great day to try wakeboarding. Knowing me, I have no patience whatsoever so my turn didn’t last long because I was getting too frustrated. Everyone was having a hard time so we gave up quickly and decided to move on to tubing. This is where it goes bad. My friend and I decided to go together, just the two of us after everyone said we weren’t heavy enough and we were just going to get thrown off right away. Well, we didn’t listen and the water was very choppy by now. We got thrown around on the first turn and we were both screaming at each other to hold on because we did not want everyone else to be right. The next thing we know, with a blink of an eye, I look down and the boat looks like a little ant in the water and I was pretty sure I was upside down in the air. Both of us land back in the water and come up and everyone is screaming and cheering for us. We laughed so hard we couldn’t even get back in the boat.” – Senior Hannah Butler.