Humans of SD – Gloria Suarez


“Senior year has been so different from what I would have thought it would’ve been like. Obviously, no one expected last year to be the way it was, which is kinda sad. With quarantine and online school, it’s been really boring to stay home. Although one thing I do like about quarantine is the online classes because it’s easier in my opinion. I will say it’s hard to pay attention during class because it can get so boring. Being able to see my friends every day and hanging out with them is what I miss the most from regular school. Before quarantine, I was always hanging out with them and now, it’s a rare thing. I am glad I get to see my closest friends at least a couple of times a month, but it’s just not the same. Summer is what I’m looking forward to the most and hopefully, things getting back to normal as time goes on.” – Senior Gloria Suarez