San Dimas High School Football Returns

“San Dimas High School Football”

March 25, 2021

After the long wait and the anticipation of not playing, the Saints return to the football field. The Saints had missed their normal season time due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and there was a long season hiatus after that. There were so many season rescheduling that players were scared that they wouldn’t get to play at all during their senior season.

“I just wanted to take the field one time for my first last season and I wasn’t sure if that was going to happen,” says varsity senior Dylan Moore. 

Many of the players put big hopes into the season excited to get out and experience the Friday night lights. Moore wanted to experience the fun of the game and play with his friends for the last year of high school and after a long wait he finally got to see what the game was like. Unfortunately due to a calf injury, he has not taken the field. 

Others are happy to get back to their normal and play the sport that they love once again including quarterback Ryan Bulick.

I was happy to take the field again and play the game with my boys”

— Ryan Bulick

Bulick loves the sport and competition of the game. He also loves to play with the people that he spends all this time preparing to play.  

Even the cheerleaders are back and excited for the new game and action on Friday nights. “I missed cheering at the games and I’m glad I get to do it one last time,” says varsity cheer captain Rylie Colemen. The football game provides crucial times for fun and school spirit. It brings the students of the school together for a good time. 


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