Humans of SD – Elijah Cuevas


“Ever since around eighth grade, I’ve always been drawn to bodybuilding. I’ve weight trained but never really took it seriously and even stopped for a long time, almost through quarantine, because I never thought I would come close to looking like any of the people that I idolized in terms of their physiques. I started to become tired of looking the way I did, so I learned everything I could about nutrition and lifting for about two months before I started training and taking nutrition seriously. I started my journey on January 7, 2021, and ever since then, I haven’t stopped. With the short amount of time that I have been training, I am already starting to attain a physique that I sought after in the past, one I deemed to be impossible to achieve naturally; even now, with my short amount of experience training, people have started to claim that I am unnatural. I believe my journey to attain the perfect physique for my genetics will never be over. I will continuously refine my physique over the many years to come.” – Senior Elijah Cuevas