Rivals Clash

San Dimas vs Northview Football Game

April 27, 2021

San Dimas and Northview High school football met each other head to head once again Apr. 9. The two division rivals’ annual face-off was at risk of not happening this year due to covid. Luckily, football was able to resume for a shortened season.

Northview and San Dimas football games are always something to look forward to for both players and spectators. Senior Jack Kelly says, “We prepare heavily for this game, as a division rival it’s exciting to face them, especially since they are a good team.”

In the first quarter, the Saints got off to a strong start with the first touchdown of the game bringing the score to 7-0. Later in the quarter, they would also successfully get a fumble recovery, giving them possession of the ball and preventing damage. The first quarter would end with San Dimas up 7-0.

In the second quarter, the Saints continued to perform strongly with another running touchdown to extend the lead to 14-0. They wouldn’t stop there though as San Dimas scored again with another run into the endzone further extending the lead to 21-0. Although some close calls, San Dimas kept Northview scoreless through the first half with a score of 21-0.

In the third quarter, San Dimas continued to be unrelenting by scoring another touch down to extend their lead to 28-0. But they kept on going to score another touchdown in the quarter extending the lead even further to 35-0. The Saints would also continue to display stellar defense by holding Northview to zero points through 3 quarters.

Despite good football being played by Northview, the Saints outplayed them in all aspects of the game and won the game with a final score of 35-0. A mixture of an unstoppable offense and unmoveable defense led to a blowout in favor of San Dimas. Kelly says, “It was amazing to beat them, especially in this fashion. We played great and prepared heavily and the score reflects it.”

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