Class of 2021 Favorite Memories

Class of 2021 seniors look back on some of their favorite high school memories.

June 3, 2021

High school is a memorable experience that people look back on for the rest of their lives. When people remember their four years in high school, they should reminisce on some great memories. Now that the class of 2021 is graduating, they are taking some time to look back on the memories they’ve made over the last four years. 

The most memorable moment though would probably have to be going to the football games.”

— Gloria Suarez

Although students often complain about going to class, it is where a lot of our favorite memories are made. Senior Emma Wilson spoke about a memory she made in Mrs. Knott’s class “One time in forensics my friend Jewliauna, Mrs. Knott, and I took a picture with the dead chicken in class and it was pretty funny”.

Some students’ best memories come from the people they meet within those classes.  Senior Lexie Garcia said, “Freshmen year I had art, and the first semester I sat with these upperclassmen who were pretty nice but the second semester we moved seats. I got seated next to these two girls and we hit it off and had a lot of fun in Art together. To this day they’re my best friends and we have made so many great memories together”.

High school is a place where you can meet new people who may end up playing a major role in your life down the road. Elijah Cuevas and Ethan Attrill say some of their best memories come from sitting in class together or in the quad just hanging out and laughing with friends. 

CLASH is also a common favorite memory amongst the seniors. CLASH is known for getting pretty and as a freshman, it can be quite shocking, ” I remember freshman year at CLASH everyone was screaming and I witnessed Mia Le getting dragged across the gym floor”, senior  Kailyn Anderson remembers.

Some CLASH years stand out more than others “My favorite high school memory has to be the sophomore year CLASH. It was so much fun especially because my friends and I signed up to participate in a lot of games. We also participated in the dance” Miranda Perez says. Class of 2021 came in second place that year, but still had tons of fun. 

Dress-up days also hold fond memories because you get to see how creative and funny your classmates are. “One of my favorite high school memories would be meme day during the week of Halloween 2019. It was like the whole school understood the inside jokes, and it was cool being able to laugh at all the costumes everyone came up with”  senior Aubrey Schuster remembers. 

One of my favorite high school memories would be meme day during the Halloween of 2019.”

— Aubrey Schuster

Football games were always filled with so many students having fun cheering and rooting for their team. Senior Gloria Suarez says some of her best memories were made at our Saints Stadium.”The most memorable moment though would probably have to be going to the football games. I got to meet some of my closest friends at the games which I’m thankful for. It was also something I would look forward to and just being able to hang out with my friends at the games. I miss being able to experience those types of high school activities with them. Although, I may have taken it for granted because when I look back at pictures now I realize it was so much fun but now it’s just memories that I’ll cherish forever”

High School is so much more than grades, it’s a time where you start to grow into yourself and become your own person. Class of 2021 missed out on some of their junior year and a big majority of their senior year but we’ll always have our memories from when life was COVID-free. 

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