What’s in Store for the class of 2022

What do juniors wish to see their senior year?

April 27, 2021

Friday, Mar. 13, was the last day of in-person school for the San Dimas Saints of the year 2020. Now that 2021 is here, everything is much more different than before. The juniors, in particular, are wondering what their senior year will look like.

It’s well known that senior year is supposed to be your best year in high school, and the most fun. After what the class of 2021 seniors has gone through this year, it leaves the juniors no choice but to wonder if there’s a possibility their senior year could look like that too. It’s safe to say that this year has been pretty unprecedented, and nothing like any of us expected.

The juniors have many wants and wishes for this next school year coming up.

Junior Jagger Street says, ¨What I wish to see for my senior year is classes full of content students, happy to just be able to spend their time together. I want the school to have the ability to create events for the students, which will also raise money for them.¨ Street goes on to explain that the number one thing he wants to see is his friends all back together again, happy like they used to be.

He went on to say, ¨Lastly I just want Covid restrictions to be as limited as possible.¨ Jagger says that he would enjoy going to school a lot more if they gave the students more time to catch up with friends.

Junior Aubrey Gueorguieva says, ¨Honestly, I just hope it all goes back to normal. I also hope we won’t have to go back wearing masks because in my opinion, I think they could be annoying to wear sometimes.¨

Aubrey went on to say she wants to go back to school full time and see all of her friends again in a normal setting. She also hopes that the school is lighter on the ¨3 feet apart¨ rule.

The juniors have yet to get a taste of what their senior year could be like. Will they still need to be in groups? Wear masks? Social distance? Nobody knows. What they really want is for things to be back to normal by the time August arrives, but with Covid being extremely unpredictable, it’s hard to tell from here. Let’s wish the junior class luck on getting school back on track!

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