Humans of SD – Matthew Conboy


“Four years ago I decided to challenge myself mentally and physically with the sport of figure skating.  Something most people wouldn’t try, but I did. At the time many of my friends were skeptical about this choice. But I would not have to know how much joy this sport would bring me. I feel motivated every day trying difficult moves like double jumps and combination spins knowing I might take a fall here and there.  Not only is it about the jumps and spins like Hollywood portrays. It’s the 6 am practice, the falls, the setbacks, the moments where you feel so frustrated that makes you come back stronger than before. This journey has brought so much happiness to me that makes me feel confident and proud of who I am. I would love to continue in hopes of accomplishing my Moves in the Fields and making one nationals championships. And to that, I tell myself it’s never too late to hold on to a dream.” – Alumni, Matthew Conboy