Electric Bikes Are the New Best Transport For Single Commuters

Why you should consider Using an EBike as a form of transportation

May 6, 2021

In Today’s world there are a million things happening that steer teens and even adults away from cars and gas powered vehicles. Climate change is a constant reminder of what happens every time we fill up our gas tank, and even though cars may be getting easier to buy, insurance for teen drivers is more than any person rich or poor could ever afford. Students have been using bicycles for decades to get back and forth from school, as well as work, even adults use them for a short commute. The only problem with bikes is how inefficient they can be, slow, tiring, and leave you sweaty and exhausted at your destination.

Electric bicycles Are an amazing Solution to the slow everyday bicycle commute that plagues everyday riders, or even a new way for many people to travel fast and easy. One of the best reasons to get an Ebike is because they are fast and reliable, with different bikes ranging at speeds from 20-36 mph they will keep up with traffic and take all of the exhaustion away from your travels. They are also almost completely silent because of their electric motor and easy to control and learn how to use. Gas isn’t a problem either, they are rechargeable, and depending on the brand and model you choose from you may get 30-70 miles out of each charge.

Some of the most reliable and most well rated brands include Aventon (city commuter bike brand), Bulls (German engineered hybrid mt. bikes and urban commuter bikes), Vintage Electric (Nostalgic Electric motorcycles/bicycles).

Aventon is the most cost effective brand of those while offering a reliable and speedy form of transportation that will last you years. They use quality lithium ion batteries and hub motors with more than enough torque, these bikes are designed for a city setting and many people buy them to replace old cars on their short commutes.

Bulls is a German company with top quality motors and parts that offer a 40+ mile range on a single Charge, these bikes were built designed in a country with way more safety traffic laws in place and are amazing bikes to have in your garage waiting to be taken out on adventures.

Vintage electric is more of a luxury brand with its bikes costing about as much as quality used cars, but their bikes will zip through traffic without you needing a license for the vehicle. They were originally designed by a college student following motorcycle designs and use many motorcycle parts within the bike, they offer a range up to 70 miles on a single charge and travel as fast as 36 mph, there is also regenerative braking in the system to charge the bike as you ride it.

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