Humans of SD – Ethan Attrill


¨Last summer I went on vacation with one of my best friends. Steve, to visit my best friend who moved to Las Vegas. He moved during our 8th-grade summer and it was very tough for us all. We all still kept in touch with him and promised to visit every year during summer and that is what happened. This year was different because we stayed for a longer amount of time and could all finally drive. We spent most of our time doing fun activities like zip-lining, cliff jumping, and even going on the biggest Ferris wheel in the United States. This is very memorable because after being in a deadly pandemic, we made the most of what we could and had a great time. What stuck out the most though was definitely the weather change from California to Las Vegas. Steve and I were not used to it being 100 degrees but we got used to it very quickly.  By the end of the trip, Steve and I were very sad to leave because we would not see him for another 6 months. This summer, even more of our friends are going to go and there will be more memories made.¨ – Senior, Ethan Attrill