Humans of SD – Rachel Druilliard

Take a glimpse of Rachel’s Account right here!


“I have always just enjoyed creating things and I’ve been inspired by people around me and people online. I started making things and selling random stuff from a really young age.. I would try to sell handmade hair bows, and now I make jewelry and clay art that I sell online and I have been inspired by people online who have taken what they love to do and created a living doing it, and that is what I hope to achieve someday!”

Rachel has an art/accessories account where she sells her own pieces and designs! She sells earrings, incense holders, necklaces, rings, and other miscellaneous things with her design (s) displayed on it. Her account is: @rachelgrapesart, if you’re interested and like the designs she makes in her free-time, you should definitely take a look at it and see how it could gravitate towards you