Carla Rojas Running To Her Goals

Carla Rojas speaks about her athletic goals for this school year.

September 27, 2018

Carla Rojas is a junior at San Dimas High School who’s a part of the varsity track and cross country team. Rojas believes she can become faster and beat her personal records through good discipline and hard work.

“I know that I can be faster this year, I will just need to try harder than my sophomore year,” decreed Rojas. 

Rojas loves the experience and moments that come along with being a part of the cross-country and track team at SDHS.

“I really like the programs I’m in after school, but I love to do cross-country. It’s my passion. I’m proud to be on the varsity team, but I wish I could do better.”

She also added, “I’m not the fastest I could be right now and really would like to be faster then what I currently am. I’m just hoping to improve on a personal level this year.”

Rojas chuckled as she explained what cross-country meant to her. She further went on to say how happy she was to be in those two after-school programs. Rojas expressed that not only does she get to do what she enjoys, but she also surrounds herself with people that put a smile on her face.

She proclaimed, “I like running, but I like my friends there more. They always make me laugh. I look forward to seeing them at meets and practices.” Rojas works hard every practice to be as fast as she can. She is determined to do her best this year.

Rojas is looking forward to the new season and will continue to do track and cross-country during her final years at San Dimas High School.

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