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Humans of SD- Nathaniel Gomez

October 28, 2021

“My mom called me into her room one day asking if I wanted to get a dog, I said yes obviously. Turns out she already had a dog in mind, she told me I had to keep it a secret from my grandpa which was very difficult for me because I have a really big mouth, so it didn’t really last very long. I guess earlier that day my grandma found a dog on the street and gave it to us whether we wanted it or not. It’s been about two months since we got her, her name is Jasmine but my girlfriend calls her jazzy for short. She’s a little white deaf chihuahua with black spots all over her and she weighs less than 3 pounds. She likes to sleep, meet new people, and scream when she doesn’t have constant attention. Oh and she loves my girlfriend more than me half the time. All throughout the day you hear her little bell on her collar wondering and following you around the house.” – Sophomore, Nathaniel Gomez  

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