Taking a Look into San Dimas High School’s Book Club

Information about the San Dimas High School Book Club


The San Dimas Book Club has started up this year and has many great members. Members meet every other week and usually discuss books that they are reading, or would like to read. 

Book Club President, Ella Brown mentions, “I’m just really into reading and wanted to start a Book Club because I wanted to get more into it.” Brown continues by saying that her initial goal was to create a space for like-minded people, “I just wanted to create a place for people who love reading, like a little safe space and have a fun time together.”

 In previous meetings, members discussed the books and genres they wanted to focus on. The plan is for future meetings to center discussion around the book of the month, as well as do fun activities such as Kahoot.  

The club wants to change with the seasons, for example, for the month of October they read a horror novel which was,  “The Woman in the Widow” by A.J Finn. Possibly for the month of February, they will partake in a romance?

books distract me from what’s going on. It just gives me an escape from reality and it makes me feel calm.”

— Calista Corrales

Students escape in books for many reasons. Sophomore Calista Corrales states that “books distract me from what’s going on. It just gives me an escape from reality and it makes me feel calm.” When reading books, it’s as if you’re seeing life from someone else’s point of view. It’s as if you’re someone else”. Corrales continues  “I look for good storylines so that I know I won’t get bored in the middle of it.”

Books come with so many different plots and storylines you can enjoy. Although some books can be dreadful to read because they may seem uninteresting, there’s always something to take away from the book in the end. Books can make people feel many different ways. They can help people relate, give people something to escape their own reality from and books can help give lessons. Although there are many amazing clubs at San Dimas High, the Book Club can be so much fun if you want a new hobby or just a simple escape from reality.