San Dimas Spiritlines 2021-2022 team
San Dimas Spiritlines 2021-2022 team

SDHS Spiritline Reenacts the Saint Stampede YouTube Series

Spiritline discusses the excitement of possibly bringing back "Saint Stampede"

October 28, 2021

The Saint Stampede is a Youtube series that was created in 2020 by San Dimas High school’s Spiritline. It was made to give people an opportunity to see an inside look on the hardwork and effort that the CIF winning team puts in. The team members are working to bring it back this year. They feel that people will not fully understand the commitment and work they put into the team, until they’ve actually seen it.  


San Dimas High School’s Spiritline has put in new efforts into revamping the Saint Stampede, a Youtube series that was created in 2020. It was made to promote and highlight the hard work that they do, and to show a glimpse at the behind-the-scenes CIF preparation. 

Sophomore Eva Yassine talks about her excitement in regards to bringing back saint stampede. “I feel like it gives people a bigger idea of the work we put in each day. You never really understand just how much work we put in, until you see it for yourself.” She went on to say how the YouTube series provides an inside look at the team’s bond, “not only do they get to see our effort, they get to see our bond and see us share in happy moments, tears, and excitement.”

The whole team is thrilled to continue the series. They cannot wait to show what they are working on this season and to show their viewers what it takes for them to get closer to getting a National win in 2021. They are grinding through these next couple of weeks to prepare for their first competition in December. 

The team has become a family through nonstop work and they hope to show all their fellow Saints of just that. San Dimas Spiritline is excited to make their final appearance on the Nationals Mat and cannot wait for the rest of the season to be on screen.

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