Juniors, Jacob Nunez and Ava Hardman
Juniors, Jacob Nunez and Ava Hardman

Saints’ Fall Fashion

Students at SDHS talk about how their fashion is inspired by the changing of the seasons.

October 25, 2021

As the weather changes, so does the fashion at San Dimas High School. Trends are constantly changing, and some of the students at San Dimas are on top of the most relevant styles. Here at San Dimas there are a variety of styles, which have created a diverse appearance in the students’ wardrobe.

Gen Z has brought back various styles from the 90s,  including baggy clothes and thrifting. These trends have captured the attention of many because of their popularity on social media platforms. Juniors Jacob Nunez, and Ava Hardman are perfect examples of relevance and uniqueness when talking about style. 

Fashion changes and constantly evolves for numerous reasons. However, social media is a huge reason for the ever-changing fashion trends. When a teenager looks at a famous influencer and likes a certain part of their unique style, they are inspired to join in and add similar pieces of clothing to their wardrobe. Hardman states when talking about social media’s impact, ¨Yeah I think social media has affected the recent fashion trends, mainly when big artists wear clothes and tag the brand¨.

As of recently, thrifting has gained popularity with many students and reusing vintage styles is the new normal. Students find a thrill in searching for old clothes that fit and match their style, when they stumble upon a trendy find it inspires them to continue their search. Thrifting has become a hobby which is why Nunez enjoys doing it with his friends. Nunez explains that thrifting has really impacted his style, ¨It changes the way you see clothes, you can add many different types of pieces that don’t usually go together, and combine them for a unique style¨. Hardman says that sometimes she even finds and reuses old clothes from her dad’s closet.   

Hardman and Nunez both agree that fall is definitely the best season when it comes to fashion. Hardman explains, ¨I like clothing options in the fall because I enjoy layering and wearing big clothes. For me fall and winter are the best seasons for fashion¨. There is a diverse culture here at San Dimas, and Hardman and Nunez are just a fraction of the trendy and unique students that walk the halls of SDHS.


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