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What San Dimas Thinks of Hollow Knight

A Review of Team Cherry's Bug Game

October 26, 2021

In 2017 Hollow Knight, a fun and adventurous platformer Metroidvania game was released in February. The game follows the protagonist, The Knight, through their journey of uncovering the secrets of a fallen kingdom. As players progress through the game, they discover that there is more to both The Knight and the kingdom of Hallownest than meets the eye.

The platformer genre has produced many successful games, and Hollow Knight is a beautiful masterpiece. Platformer games are the type of game that has the player guide their character through platforms and obstacles, but Hollow Knight adds a twist. Hollow Knight introduces not only a powerful storyline but also special abilities that can help the player in battles or explore. 

Hollow Knight’s story is both tragic but engaging as players uncover hidden lore and piece together what happened to the once flourishing kingdom of Hallownest. Players learn that The Knight is one of many vessels created to stop the infection that ravages the kingdom of Hallownest and stop it once and for all. The Hollow Knight is the original vessel to keep the infection within itself, but as seen in the beginning cutscene, the infection breaks through and tries to escape.

The attention to detail in Hollow Knight is truly admiring. The Forgotten Crossroads is the first area that a player can explore, so when they progress through the game and release the three Dreamers, the once clear area is plagued by bubbles of infection. Not only is the area consumed by the infection, but also the bugs that inhabit the area. They become harder to defeat, and they have special perks that players will want to look out for.

What truly makes the game enthralling is its construction. The soundtrack is mesmerizing and uses a variety of instruments to truly capture the vibe in each area. Area’s like Greenpath and City of Tears have soft melodies to match their soft color palette, whereas areas like Deepnest and the Ancient Basin have harder and scarier melodies to bring out their true horror aspect and dark color palette.

The ending of Hollow Knight is truly up to the player and how they want to end their story. There are five different endings but each one is left to interpretation after the final cutscene.

Hollow Knight is a game that should be played, and with its sequel Silksong on the way, it will leave veteran and new players waiting in anticipation.

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