A Team Always Works Better Together

Girls varsity volleyball takes on the Rowland Raiders.

October 3, 2018

On Thursday, Sept. 13th the San Dimas High School girls volleyball team showed immense power and unity against the Rowland High School Raiders.

As spectator Madilyn Hernandez recalls, “The thrill of the game makes people excited to cheer on their team.” The Saints started off strong by taking the first set 25-14.

“I feel like when the crowd is happy and cheering on their players, it makes them want the win so much more,” says Hernandez, “you can tell the girls put in lots of hard work and effort in playing a good game.”

The Saints continued to keep the Raiders on their toes by taking the second set by a score of 25-13. With two periods away, the Saints lead at the half, up 2-0. Hernandez continued to comment on the game, “even just being a spectator or fan, watching the game makes you feel like you’re part of the team,” she goes on saying, “our school has so much pride for our sports and players, it is amazing.”

During the third set of the game, the Raiders took the lead with a score of 23-25. Yet our Saints weren’t rattled and caught up to win the game 25-9.

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