Artist of the Month

Carine Mouri

March 4, 2022

  1. When did you start getting into art and drawing?
    “I started drawing on my own really early. I would say around 4 or 5 years old”. 
  2. What is your favorite style of art?
    “I really enjoy classical and mythological art. I also love pieces of art that have lots of meanings and secret messages behind it”.
  3. What is your least favorite style of art?
    “I wouldn’t say I have a least favorite style of art that comes to mind”
  4. Do you have a certain style of art that you prefer?
    “I don’t have a certain style of when it comes to art but I really enjoy drawing eyes and my favorite material to use is watercolor”.
  5. Do you plan on going further with your art as a career? “No, I haven’t planned on going into art as a career; although, it would be super cool” 
  6. Do you have any favorite artists or people who inspire your art the most?
    “My favorite artist is Margaret Keane. She’s known for painting certain things with really big eyes, even though some of them look really creepy, her art has left an effect on me for years(in a good way)”.
  7. What is your favorite art material to use?
    “My favorite materials to use are watercolors and ink”.
  8. What are some of your art goals?
    “One of the goals is to take AP Art next year and have people somehow connect to my art”.

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