Saints’ Baseball Commits

December 2, 2021

As most students wait until senior year to worry about college application season, young baseball students are committing to college as early as freshman and sophomore year. A large number of our Saints Baseball players have been recognized and rewarded for their hard work on the field. These student athletes have agreed to pursue their future baseball career at that certain college. Typically, people would think being committed to a college early in high school years would release a vast amount of pressure off of their shoulders, however, most of these athletes disagree.

Sophomore, Landon White, committed to Arizona State University during his sophomore year. He says that “after you commit, you gain more pressure since you have to live up to your name and the expectations of the coaches.”

Some of these athletes started their path of baseball as young as three years old, where they “fell in love with the sport”, and have worked hard to get to this moment and have the. Even though he is already committed White says that “it is just as easy to be uncommitted as it is to commit”.

Although baseball is considered one of their biggest priorities next to family, these athletes are still high school students who deal with normal pressures, such as maintaining their grades.

Sophomore Kasen Khansarinia is committed to the University of California Los Angeles and explained that “since baseball is such a big commitment and takes up a lot of time, I make sure that I work hard in the classroom and remember to stay dedicated to school as well”. He continued to say that his parents’ support is what helps keep him motivated, “my biggest inspiration that keeps me devoted to what I do, is the support of my parents who have helped me get where I am today. They have always told me the truth whether it was something they knew I did or didn’t want to hear, and have given me whatever I needed to succeed.”

These students also lean on their teammates to keep them focused. Sophomore Rocco Regan, committed to Long Beach State, said someone who goes by the name of  Wallace Gonzalez, aka “Big Wallace” White, Khansarinia, and Freshman Vaughn Coleman also committed to ASU , all said without him they would not be the athletes they are today, and wouldn’t of even had contact with most of the colleges.d

The boys believe it is important to give back to the people who got them where they are now, and the ones who push them to reach for their goals. Sophomore John Nauertz committed to Tulane University, says that his father is what motivates him to keep pushing for his goals, and to work through hard times. These boys hope their hard work will one day help them grow their future families financially stable, and to be able to provide for the ones they love.

Until it is hopefully MLB time, these constant, hard-working, dedicated athletes, will continue to focus on baseball as well as school, to help them succeed in their future, as the players and people they always hoped to be.

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