Best Christmas Lights in Town

Popular Christmas Lights in Southern California

December 16, 2021

With Christmas right around the corner, people all over the United States have been searching for the best lights in town. The marvelous light shows are something truly spectacular to see if you find the good lights. Throughout California there are a few main light shows, Santa’s Speedway is a beautiful array and a truly good experience for people that seek a quick drive and a lot of lights at once. With that being said the majority of Los Angeles or San Bernardino county residents will say otherwise that the light show to see is the Thoroughbred Light Show in Rancho Cucamonga. This light show tradition has been present for many years, the line of attraction to come see the lights can stretch to as long as a 2-mile drive and hour-long wait, but the light show to follow the long waiting period is definitely worth it. 

People come from all over the western portion of the country to see the lights with their families to carry on their own traditions, Paige Major of Hesperia, California shares how her family, “tradition started a couple of years ago, my aunt and uncle came out from Texas for the holidays and saw on the news the light show.” The attraction was for a while considered to be very underground and unnoticed until the News channels gave attention to the hours of work spent into creating the light show of all light shows.

It’s truly an amazing display of unity within a neighborhood. House after house is decorated from the grass of their front yard to the very tip of their roofs. When getting there early you can even see homeowners making final touch-ups or setting up more decorations daily until Christmas ends.  As the sun sets and it’s time for the lights to turn on, cars pour in from all over to see this beautiful street of lights. Due to Covid, the light show hadn’t been its best with the owners slacking off due to lack of employment or Christmas spirit but, “It’s starting to feel like everything is going back to normal just being able to watch everyone spending time with their family. Last year the lights were still good but it didn’t have the same effect as this year because it felt like everything was back how it should be after so long,” said junior Noelle Estephan. 

The light show truly shows the magic of Christmas and families coming together. The lights are a great destination to get into the Christmas spirit and spend quality time with your family members. Take the short drive out to Rancho to truly see the magic that Christmas has to bring to people’s hearts. 

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