Humans of SD – Christina Jones


By Sophia Gonzalez, Arts Editor

“So when I was little I knew a couple of friends who were in dance so I was like ‘oh this looks like fun’ and I joined. My mom ended up getting really close to my dance coach back then so I joined that dance team up until 6th grade and took a break when I was in 7th. I got back into dancing in 8th grade and it turned out my competition coach was coach Diana who also happens to be the coach here (San Dimas Highschool), so it was always kind of the plan to compete here. When I joined last year I was more like [sic] ‘I don’t know if I want to keep doing this, it’s kinda [sic] weird’ and then when I talked to a lot of other people who were on the dance team we all just understood it was because of Covid, we didn’t really know how dance actually would be until next year. I’m happy I stayed because I think it’s really fun and dance has always been a way for me to like [sic] make friends, because no matter where you are, there is always going to be someone who relates to you in dance so its a nice and easy way to slip in and talk to people. I think it’s just a really fun way to meet people, make friends, and I mean I’m now going to know these people for a long time” – Sophomore, Christina Jones